About WTKO — World Traditional Karate Organization

Founded in 2000 by John Mullin and Richard Amos, the WTKO was originally formed as an outlet for their ideas and combined experience. By 2000, Mullin and Amos already had nearly 70 years of karate experience between them, spanning the evolution of karate in the USA and the UK. Their influences from world-renowned Japanese sensei was huge, but they recognized that the subtlety of their teachings often got lost in translation. The WTKO prides itself on its interpretation of Shotokan principles and its ability to impart those principles through seminars, leading by example. Growing slowly and organically, the WTKO has never promoted itself but been content to let its sincerity of purpose filter into the karate world. We now have members in 5 continents and WTKO instructors are in demand worldwide.

Why the WTKO?

The WTKO has aspired from day one to blend the best combination of the collective teachings and analysis of its highly experienced technical committee. There are very few organizations who can match the collective experience of the WTKO and which have the enthusiasm to share that experience among their members. Seniors on the WTKO Executive Committee travel across Europe and the Americas, teaching seminars and inspiring WTKO members towards our common goals of refinement and excellence. Our approach combines high intensity training of technical skills, with a strong and consistent reference to Budo ideals. That is, encouraging the development of a well rounded character through perseverance in physical practice, and self-awareness in the cultivation of moral fibre.  

What is the WTKO History and its Lineage?

Founders John Mullin and Richard Amos, began their Shotokan Karate-do practice in 1962 and 1974 respectively. Both were committed to seeking the most authentic karate experience they could find, which appeared to be exemplified in the instructors of the Japan Karate Association (JKA). Mullin became a close student of Mori sensei in New York City, and Amos gained his sandan by 1984 under Enoeda sensei in London, and the pioneers of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB). Mullin remained in New York while Amos set his sights on Japan in 1989 and trained daily at the JKA Headquarters, becoming an official instructor in Tokyo with his own dojo. Returning to New York in 2000 after the JKA had gone through several political splits, Amos and Mullin rekindled their friendship, recognised their goals were aligned, and formed the WTKO. Within a few years the necessity to expand the Executive Committee to three members became apparent, and the position of International Director was offered to Scott Middleton. Middleton, a Canadian, brings his experience as a top competitor and relentless trainee at many seminars of the ISKF and is a tireless campaigner for excellence in the dojo. 

How do I find a WTKO Dojo?

One of the purposes of this website is to show where the WTKO has members and affiliates around the world. Check out the North American Instructors and Officials and International Instructors and Officials pages for a dojo or WTKO group near you.

How do I join the WTKO and what are the requirements

The WTKO prides itself on continually evolving and refining Shotokan karate technique through the constant efforts of its professional instructors. Our goal is to share our body of knowledge with all members worldwide, representing the best of modern technical innovation & explanation without losing the essence of karate’s history, traditions and budo values.
The WTKO is a non-political traditional karate organization, as such our requirements for membership are technical integrity and a Shotokan background.
All members will have access to courses & seminars; tournaments; and online videos. Senior members may decide to go further and qualify as examiners, instructors & judges.
The WTKO presents you with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, sharing a love of Shotokan Karate around the world regardless of race or creed, in a safe yet intense environment. Enquiries for membership should be directed to Scott Middleton at wtkointernationaldirector@gmail.com.