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The WTKO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement of Shotokan Karate.

The free exchange of ideas and athletic activity is the essence of freedom and democracy.

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Ged Moran of Legend Productions UK shot a video of sensei John Mullin's morning training.

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2014 International Camp & Competition poster

Camp Schedule

Camp Fees and Online Paypal Payments

2014 WTKO International Camp and Competition

Since our 2013 event in Thun, Switzerland the WTKO Executive Committee along with our affiliate instructors in California have been busy planning all aspects of the event. From the instructors we have scheduled, the scenic location, and many of the WTKO International & Domestic Affiliates that have already committed to attending, this years event is not to be missed.

The schedule includes a variety of rank specific classes, an International Tournamnet, beach training, Yoga classes taught by Yanti Amos, and Iaido training taught by Sensei John Mullin.

In the next few days additional information regarding our 2014 event will be released (Camp fees, travel, and accomidations).

Event Hosts:
* WTKO Executive Committee
* WTKO California (Sensei Jon Keeling & Sensei Pete Rabbitt)

* July 31st to August 3rd, 2014

* De Anza College - Cupertino, California

Confirmed Instructors:
* Sensei John Mullin, 8th Dan (WTKO Executive Chairman)
* Sensei Steve Ubl, 7th Dan (WTKO Technical Director)
* Sensei Richard Amos, 7th Dan (WTKO Chief Instructor)
* Sensei Scott Middleton, 6th Dan (WTKO General Secretary

Download pdf TSKUK Internat'l Course

2014 WTKO Domestic & International Seminars

31st July~3rd August. Cupertino USA.
WTKO International camp and tournament.
Contact Pete Rabbitt
for further details

27th~28th September. Southend & Norwich, England.
Contact Jason Hitchings at
for further details.

4th~5th October. Dublin, Ireland.
Contact Scott Langley at
for more details.

10th~12th October. Xalapa, Mexico.
Contact Carlos Ramirez Luis:
for further details

21st~23rd November Ocala, Florida.
Contact Jeremiah Hart at
for further details.

The WTKO is an alternative that truly is non-political in that our only requirements are technical integrity and hopefully a traditional Shotokan karate background.  The WTKO does not dictate to athletes or countries what tournaments they can participate in or restrict athletes in any manner.  We feel that the free exchange of ideas and athletic activity is the essence of freedom and democracy.


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Sensei John J. Mullin 8th Dan
WTKO Exec Chairman
2nd dan Iaido

Sensei Amos 7th Dan
WTKO Chief Instructor

WTKO Honbu Dojo
Richard Amos
Chief Instructor
328 E 61st Street New York City
Phone: 1-212-207-1907

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Shotokan Mastery

Executive Chairman John Mullin,
and Chief Instructor Richard Amos named fellows of the

International Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Shihankai (ISKS).

John Mullin received the title of Kyoshi and appointed Vice Chairman.