Why the WTKO?

The WTKO has aspired from day one to blend the best combination of the collective teachings and analysis of its highly experienced technical committee. There are very few organizations who can match the collective experience of the WTKO and which have the enthusiasm to share that experience among their members. Seniors on the WTKO Executive Committee travel across Europe and the Americas, teaching seminars and inspiring WTKO members towards our common goals of refinement and excellence.

What is the WTKO History and Its Lineage?

Founded in 2000 by John Mullin and Richard Amos, the WTKO was originally formed as an outlet for their ideas and combined experience. By 2000, Mullin and Amos already had nearly 70 years of karate experience between them, spanning the evolution of karate in the USA and the UK. Their influences from world-renowned Japanese sensei was huge, but they recognized that the subtlety of their teachings often got lost in translation. The WTKO prides itself on its interpretation of Shotokan principles and its ability to impart those principles through seminars, leading by example. Growing slowly and organically, the WTKO has never promoted itself but been content to let its sincerity of purpose filter into the karate world. We now have members in 5 continents and WTKO instructors are in demand worldwide.

How to Find a WTKO Dojo?

One of the purposes of this website is to show where the WTKO has members and affiliates around the world. Check out the affiliates map for a dojo or WTKO group near you.

How do I Join WTKO and What are the Requirements?

We at the WTKO aspire to creating a body of members who have either a Shotokan background or are committed to building one. Potential members should possess a desire to be active in hosting or attending events or WTKO seminars each year. Members values should be in line with those of the WTKO in that we are a progressive, aspirational organization committed to Shotokan ideals. These include, not only the pursuit of technical excellence, but also adherence to the principles of Shotokan’s founders: Funakoshi sensei and Nakayama sensei, who laid out their philosophies in the 20-kun and dojo-kun respectively.