2003 WTKO-USA team 

to World Championship in Bath UK


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Bronze Medal Team

John Parnell, 4th dan team captain, Tony Schiena 3rd dan, Gabriel Vanrel 2nd dan, Jerry Flood 2nd dan, Jim Farrell 1st dan

Coach: John J. Mullin

Jerry Flood, Gabriel Vanrel, John Mullin coach, John Parnell team captain, Tony Schiena, Jim Farrell
Tony Schiena, Jerry Flood, Gabriel Vanrel, John Parnell team captain, Jim Farrell, John Mullin coach.
An up date on the WTKO/SKDUN World Championship in Bath UK, it was a wonderful weekend, great weather, beautiful city and wonderful camaraderie.† The WTKO-USA team consisted Gabriel Vanrel, Jerry Flood, John Parnell, Jim Farrell, and Tony Schiena.†The team placed third in team Kumite, very narrowly missing out on going to the finals by one half point over all, after having tied the FBSKI English team in the quarter finals even after Jim Farrell had to withdraw as a result of an injury. The WTKO-USA team match for third place was with the SSKI English team coached by Malcolm Phipps.† Malcolm Phipps has an outstanding group of athletes and a formidable team.† The WTKO-USA were 4 competitors to the SSKI's 5 so the job was to win in four. The team rose to the occasion.† Just to acknowledge the individuals that competed, Gabriel Vanrel arrived Saturday morning after flying all night and jumped right into the menís individuals and was doing well but had to fight Jerry Flood his teammate. Jerry won the encounter and went as far as the individual quarterfinals.†Jim Farrell fought an experienced fighter in the menís individuals and was eliminated but took home a wealth of experience, unfortunately he was injured later in the team event and was forced to withdraw.† In the team event everyone looked sharp. John Parnell the team captain was in great form and counter attacked perfectly, scoring with gyaku-zuki and kizami-zuki.  Jerry Flood was aggressive and effective scoring with kizami-zuki and gyaku-zuki and dominating most of his opponents, but against his SSKI opponent he was out pointed, Gabriel Vanrel, with explosive speed with either hands or feet scored with a variety of techniques, and Tony Schiena with great timing, scored repeatedly with kizami-zuki and gyaku-zuki. It was a fun weekend.
L to R. Tony Schiena, Jerry Flood, Gabriel Vanrel, John Parnell team captain, Jim Farrell

SKDUN/WTKO 11th Gichin Funakoshi World Invitational Shotokan Karate Championship
Venue: City of Bath Sports Centre. Bath, England, United Kingdom

October 11th and 12th 2003