WTKO Exec Chairman John Mullin Visit to the United Kingdom

John Mullin Wtko Exec. Chairman visit to the B.S.K.I. a fully Affiliated member of the World Traditional Karate Organization. The British Shotokan Kyogi International is the coordinating organization for the WTKO in the England. 
John Mullin conducted a training session while visiting England at the B.S.K.I.
He was impressed with the quality of the karate and felt that the members bore out the fact that the UK has some of the most outstanding karate practitioners in the world.

Charles Gidley and John Mullin
discussing the problems of catching a
taxi in Manchester

Mullin facing off with Charles Gidley

Charles Gidley working up a sweat
Everybody sweats, Mullin getting in his training A classy group, made one feel very welcome, after this all went for a pint.