Scott Middleton sensei (5th dan) as
WTKO General Secretary
December 2011

"The WTKO Executive Committee is very happy to announce the appointment of Scott Middleton sensei (5th dan) as General Secretary to the WTKO and to formally enter the ranks of the Executive Committee.

Scott Middleton has been a member of the WTKO since 2006 and has always shown exemplary commitment to training with the intelligence and intensity that the WTKO prides itself on. Through regular visits to the New York Honbu Dojo and from his annual hosting of senior WTKO instructor's at his base in Brandon, Canada, the WTKO Executive Committee (John Mullin sensei, Fred Serricchio sensei and Richard Amos sensei) has had ample opportunity to observe the growth of Middleton sensei from an enthusiastic member in Canada to someone who has an obviously high value in the organization as a whole.

As we approach the New Year, the WTKO is proud to see positive growth in the organization with new members across the USA and in Sth. America and with the exciting news of an international camp and tournament in Switzerland for the following year. We look forward to you all welcoming Middleton sensei as we do and putting your trust in his judgement for this key role."