Congratulations to Malcolm Phipps Sensei on his promotion to 8th dan

Chief Instructor 主席師範
Richard Amos 6th Dan リチャード ・エイモス先生 六段
Executive Chairman: John Mullin 7th Dan
Chairman: Fred Serricchio

21st September 2011

Dear All,

As Chief Instructor of the World Traditional Karate Organization, I am writing on behalf of the Executive Committee of the WTKO and its members to extend our most sincere congratulations to Sensei Malcolm Phipps on the occasion of his 8th dan award.

Having known Sensei Phipps for many years we have collectively been increasingly impressed with his commitment for his karate. Personally, after traveling and teaching all over the world for several decades, I can say that it is clear Sensei Phipps stands out as exceptional in both character and technique.

In his enthusiasm for teaching in the dojo, his wisdom and insights in his writing, and his obvious love of Shotokan karate we can all find inspiration in this man and, therefore, we at the WTKO are proud and happy to show our respect with this 8th dan award.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Amos
+1 (212) 207 1907

John Mullin

Fred Serricchio