World Traditional Karate Organization 

2008 Macedonia Visit

    A Well Deserved Congratulations to WTKO Sensei Jovan Ivchev MD,
    WTKO Macedonia on his promotion to 7th dan and "A" class examiner. On a recent trip to Macedonia
    WTKO Chairman Fred Serricchio and Executive Chairman John Mullin conducted grading for the
    WTKO Macedonia organization


    The list of dan grades in Macedonia:

    1. Jovan Ivchev - 7 DAN
    2. Ana Ivcheva - 2 DAN
    3. Martin Bogdanovski -2 DAN
    4. Ilya Khlestov -1 DAN
    5. Borjan Kondev - 3 DAN
    6. Bogdan Ivchevski - 3 DAN
    7. Nikola Ivchev - 5 DAN
    8. Nada Ivcheva - 5 DAN
    9. Ljubisha Stojkov - 4 DAN
    10. Aleksandar Ajdarov - 1 DAN
    11. Dimche Jovanov - 2 DAN
    12. Nikola Aleksandrovski - 1 DAN
    13. Jovan Kostadinov - 2 DAN
    14. Bore Videvski - 5 DAN

    WTKO Macedonia Sensei Jovan Ivchev MD - 7th Dan

    left to right: Ylber Halili, Fred Serricchio, John Mullin, Mayor Ace Kocevski, Jovan Ivchev

    Senseis John Mullin and Fred Serricchio were hosted at City Hall by the Mayor of the City of Veles.
    The mayor a supporter of karate in his city was in attendance at the martial arts celebration that took place in Veles during the visit of Senseis Mullin and Serricchio

    Thumbs up for training in Macedonia

    Skopjia, Macedonia

    Training with sensei John Mullin and sensei Fred Serricchio