In Memoriam 

Sensei, Keinosuke Enoeda 8th Dan 1935 - 2003

He inspired generations of karate practitioners to aspire to the highest ideals of karate.   I first met Sensei Enoeda in New York in the late 60's, I was immediately awed by his presence, and power.  Over the years I had the opportunity to see his wonderful sense of humor and love of life.  He will remain a legend, and an inspiration to us all.  My condolences go out to his family, friends and students.

John J. Mullin,  Executive Chairman WTKO 

The toughest of a very tough generation, awe-inspiringly great, Enoeda
sensei was to me and so many people throughout the karate world an example
of what to aspire to. There was simply no one to match him for power in
technique, vibrant energy while he was teaching and pure charisma commanding
everyone's complete attention whenever he was in a room. I first met him in
1974 and over the years can recall with absolute vividness an unbroken chain
of images of him stretching over nearly 30 years, such was the impression he
made on me. This is a very great loss for the karate world, many of the most
wonderful instructors that we know came out of that special period in the
JKA's history, Enoeda sensei was one of the few that were truly legendary. I
am deeply saddened by the news of his passing.

Richard Amos, Chief Instructor WTKO


Enoeda Sensei, that was how I and millions of other
people knew him. To his family he was also a father and
husband. I offer my very deepest sympathy to his family, the pain
of his loss I can only try to imagine. I feel a deep sense
of loss myself, even though I haven't seen Sensei for many
years. The impression he made on me in 1967 was so strong it has remained a part of my life ever since; especially at times when I have required courage and strength of character.

Gerald Moran, Legend Productions


It was with great sadness that I heard the news of Enoeda Sensei's passing on Saturday 29th March. To all of us in the UK he was everything good that Shotokan Karate is and should be. He leaves a massive void in the karate world and my condolences go out to his family and close friends, and to all my dear friends in the KUGB who I know will miss him so very much. He leaves behind though a wonderful legacy of top-class students and instructors and an array of great books and videos. He was indeed, a great sensei and a great man.

Malcolm Phipps, Chief Instructor Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International


He was one of the great ones, and a personal hero of mine. We have lost one
of the original architects of our art. This is indeed sad news.

Albert McDonald, Assistant Chief Instructor WTKO Staten Island NY


Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda's recent passing is a great loss to the international
karate community. For more than 30 years he projected exceptional knowledge,
superb karate skills and personal invincibility. Sensei Enoeda will forever
stay in that way in the memory of his students, colleagues and close friends.
For those like myself who knew him less well, Sensei Enoeda will remain a
shining example of a truly great karate practitioner. My sincere condolences
to Sensei Enoeda's family, friends, and students.

Milorad V. Stricevic, M.D.
Associate Dean, School of Health Professions
Director, Karate Instructor Certificate Program
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Brooklyn, New York, USA


I feel very fortunate to have known this great man, as an instructor and a friend. If personality was measured in the
same way as height, Sensei Enoeda would tower over all of us. My heartfelt sympathy to Reiko and family and to his many friends and students. He lives on in every Shotokan dojo up and down the country and will be remembered and talked about for many, many years to come.

Christine McCullins (nee Phillips) Marshall St.


I want to express through this message the great admiration and respect that I have always held for Sensei Enoeda, I could enjoy their knowledge and their friendship with unforgettable details. The Sensei reiterated occasions has visited my Dojo to impart some courses that I will forget never, I can assure the some as many Karateka that their personality and charisma was special an unique and different spirit, a genius and an exceptional artist of the Karate. I believe that is a hard blow to the Shotokan Karate, because one of their most excellent figures has disappeared. "TORA" will always be remembered as a great instructor and wonderful person. I want to transfer their family, students and friends my condolences.

Rubén Cernuda Chief Instructor JSKA Spain 


Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda was my "papa no2". I have known him since I was very young. My parents, Charles and Dot Naylor, first met him in 1965 when he came to teach with Sensei Kanazawa.

The two Senseis used to take me all over the place - even to the betting shop! I vividly remember them telling me to say "me no understanding English" when the car was approached by a traffic warden once.

I was Sensei Enoeda's bridesmaid when he got married, his son Daisuke's middle name is Charles, named after my father. You can tell how close we have been over the years. My father has not only lost his sensei, but also one of his closest friends.

Although I will always remember Sensei Enoeda as a formidable karateka and an amazing mentor, I will always remember him for his "wicked" sense of humour. He teased me mercilessly, both in class and out! He was passionate about karate, he was passionate about the KUGB. We will be putting our own tribute to Sensei Enoeda on our website with some personal photographs taken over the years.

All I can say to anyone who wants to make a tribute to him is ... always remember what he taught you, remain focused and carry on his good work with the right attitude.

Our love and thoughts go to Reiko, Daisuke and Maya and to all those of you who have known and have trained with Sensei Enoeda over the years, including you Richard. We're very proud of how well you've done.

Jane Naylor-Jones (3rd Dan)
Instructor, Chelmsford Shotokan Karate Club


Our condolences to his family. his students and his friends

Takis Stathopoulos, Wado Ryu, Corfu-Greece


A terrible loss to everyone, there are no words to say exept, as Sensei would say "JUST ONE MORE TIME" keep training as he would want. He will live on in all of us.
Oss Graham J Richardson
SKC Marshal St (Budokwai) London


To have been lucky enough to have been taught by Sensei Enoeda was a great fortune, but we were also blessed, along with many, many others to have known him personally and to call him a friend.
Sensei Enoeda's character was larger than life, his sense of humour wickedly sharp, and his generosity boundless. His achievements speak for themselves. It would be no exaggeration to say that he was the guiding light that brought Shotokan karate to thousands of students around the world, particularly in Europe and especially in Britain. His premature death has left a huge hole in the Shotokan world, but he has left a shining legacy through the many who walk in his footsteps and whose lives he touched for the better.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to Reiko, Daisuke and Maya
Sayonara Sensei

Paul and Maria McDonnell -Staff, Marshall street. Dojo and Australia
Tel 61 7 3245 5100
Fax 61 7 3390 3006


I was very lucky to have trained several times with sensei and was looking forward to meeting and training again with him again, he was the best both for his karate and his inspiration, my sympathy goes out to his family but they should know we will carry on his believes in proper traditional; karate in his name
Gareth Hains, nidan 12 years SSKI & WTKO


The death of sensei Enoeda is a big lost for our JKA karate world.
Sensei shall always keep an important place into the heart of each
Luc Meyers and the all team of
Seikukan karate Antwerp
I am a Shotokan Karate student since 1976.
I feel very fortunate to have known this great man and great master.
The Karate and in special the Shotokan style, have lost something very
important, one of their soul's.
Somewhere near God, I am sure that Sensei Keinosuke Enoeda is now training
with the great Master Funakoshi and Sensei Nakayama, among many others great
May God keep you as one of His great angels.
My heartfelt condolences go out to all his biological family and for all his
Karate family also, be all proud of this great man, as long as we remember
him, he will be alive through all of us, for all eternity.


Luís Paulo Vieira Lopes (Portugal)
Student of Karate Shotokan after 27 years (1976-2003) and with to much to
Associação de Karaté do Distrito de Setúbal (G.D.F.B.) - C. P. K.


My Condolences to his family. Shotokan Karatekas around the world have loss a great master. Farewell Sensei. 
Dutch Farinas
Funakoshi Shotokan karate Association-JSKA
New Mexico Region


This is the peak of sadness to know about the passing of Enoeda Sensei, it is very
hard to observe that he is passed away, great loss of the karate world in fact, my
condolences to his family and his associates, Enoeda Sensei was a legendary
figure in Shotokan community through out the world, we miss him a lot,
Deepest and sincere Os, to Enoeda Sensei,

Nadeem Uddin
Chief Instructor
JKS Pakistan