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Dr. Jovan Ivchev WTKO Representative of the Balkan Region
November 2010 Training Visit at the NYC Honbu Dojo

Left to Right: Richard Amos 6th dan, Jovan Ivchev 7th dan, John Mullin 7th dan, Ejie Maeda 6th dan

Dr. Jovan Ivchev 7th dan and Chief Instructor and Examiner for the Balkan Region visited New York to train with John Mullin 7th dan the Executive Chairman of the WTKO and Richard Amos 6th dan Chief Instructor. He trained at the WTKO Honbu in NYC and in Staten Island at sensei Mullin's dojo where he also was a guest instructor. He also visited St. Francis College in Brooklyn where he conducted a karate seminar for the college karate classes.