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Congratulations to Brian Evans Chief Instructor of the Illinois Traditional Karate Organization and Member of WTKO on grading to 6th dan at the Honbu dojo New York City December 9th 2007 before the panel of John Mullin WTKO Executive Chairman, Fred  Serricchio  Chairman, Richard Amos Chief Instructor and Eiji Maeda Assistant to the Chief Instructor. 

New Member-John Cuevas of Tampa Florida

John Cuevas
602 E. ALEXANDER ST. #907
(813) 754-3298

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2007 Summer Camp and Dan Grading Report

WTKO Summer Camp 2007 NYC is now history but what a weekend. It was a well attended event with guest from Virginia and Canada attending. The training was spirited. Saturday Amos sensei conducted the morning session, and Mullin sensei conducted the afternoon session. Sunday morning was conducted by Serricchio sensei and the final session be Amos sensei.
Following the final session on Sunday was a dan grading. Three people graded Shohra Mazhari 4th dan, Albert Mcdonald 5th dan and Ahmad Mazhari 6th dan. Congratulations to all three on a successful exam.

From left to right: Sensei Mazhari, Sensei Mullin, Sensei Serricchio, Sensei Amos, Sensei S. Mazhari

The International dan grading at the honbu dojo. WTKO members from Swizterland.The following members graded for :
Bruno Trachsel - 6th dan, Thomas Hertig - 6th dan, Giusppe Puglisi - 5th dan. Congratulations to all on a successful exam.
Eiji Maeda assistant instructor to chief instructor Richard Amos WTKO


Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture , Japan in 1964, Eiji Maeda sensei began karate at the age of 11 with Yoshihiko Kawamura of the Japan Karate Association.

In 1983 he left for Tokyo in order to train more seriously at the JKA headquarters in Ebisu and passed shodan in 1984, nidan the following year and sandan in 1989.

In 1991 he became kenshusei under the instruction of Asai sensei, Abe sensei and Yahara sensei among others and two years later was appointed the Chief Instructor of Nihon University in Ochanomizu, Tokyo .

Passing Yondan in 1994, he then graduated from the instructor’s program in 1995 and in the same year placed 5th in kata in the 38th All Japan Championships and reached the quarter finals of the kumite.

Maeda sensei traveled extensively to teach in 1997 and ’98 giving seminars in India , Nepal and New Caledonia and, along with Richard Amos sensei, was part of the Japanese Karate demonstration in Wupperthal , Germany for the 25th anniversary celebrations of Pina Bausch’s Dance Company directed by Yohji Yamamoto.

In 1999 he became the first godan in the Japan Shotokan Karate Association and continues to assist Abe Keigo sensei at various seminars.

Maeda sensei first visited New York in 2002, teaching and officiating at the WTKO Nth Atlantic Championships and accepted a position as Assistant to the Chief Instructor at the WTKO Honbu Dojo in April 2007.