WTKO 2003 North American Karate Championship

The 2003 North American Championship Results 

WTKO Action video in QuickTime player.  

Video Courtesy Maisonet Productions & Jim Farrell   (It is a Large file, left click and download or right click and play)

Special thanks to Charles Gidley of the British Shotokan Kyogi, Gerry Breeze FBSKUI, Frank Corbett JSKA/WTKO Canada and the Illinois contingent led by Brian Evans WTKO Illinois, all who traveled considerable distance to attend the event.

Left,Ed Vanveen

Kata Champion John Parnell

Kata Champion Catalina Dinesoe

L to R Andrew Nightingale UK John Parnell US

Champion Team Kata Connecticut 

Champion Men's Kumite Team Staten Island

L to R  Jerry Flood, John Parnell Terrance Postell

Men's Black Belt Individual Kumite

Men's Individual Kata

Woman's Black Belt Kata 

Champion Edward Dinesoe (Connecticut)

Champion John Parnell (Staten Island)

Champion Catalina Dinesoe (Connecticut)

2nd Dov Sternberg 3rd Jerry Flood & Andrew Nightingale

2nd Dov Sternberg      3rd Edward Dinesoe

2nd A. Grundy  3rd Jovina Chan




Men's Team Kumite

Men's Intermediate Kata

40+ Kata Advanced

Champion Staten Island N.Y.

Champion Andrea Morano

Champion Pat Oakes

2nd WTKO-NYC 3rd BSK & Connecticut

2nd Mike Flint   3rd Tomo Imamichi

2nd Mike McCabe   3rd Brian Evans




Women's Black Belt Kumite

Team Kata

Boys Kumite 13 to 15 

Champion C. Murphy (Queens N. Y.)

Champion Connecticut

Champion Stanley LeBlanc

2nd A Grundy  3rd C. Dinesoe & R. Duke

2nd British Shotokan Kygogi

2nd J. Rotondi 3rd A Leof & J. Guerrara




Men's Intermediate Kumite

Intermediate Kata Boy's Girl's 7 to 10

Boy's Girl's Kumite 11 to 12 Beg. Intermediate

Champion Andres Morano

Champion Jesus Escobar

Champion Kevin Rivera

2nd Ramon A  3rd T. Imamichi & N. Leif

2nd N. Caprio   3rd S. Foglia

2nd I. Biedo 3rd J. CastilloM. Dezda




Men's Beginner to Intermediate Kumite

13 to 15 Boy's Girls Beginners Kata

13 to 15 Girls Combined Kumite

Champion Gary G

Champion Victoria Anguera

Champion Victoria Anguera

2nd George Lib 3rd Dave Erbe & A. Stanley

2nd Jonathan Guerrera  3rd Victor lopez

2nd Crystal Carrion




Boy's 16 &17 Kumite Int. Advanced

13 to 15 Boy's Girls Int. Advanced Kata

11 to 12 Boy's Girl's Beginner Kata

Champion Lee Powel

Champion Joseph Rotondi

Champion Izabeda Biedo

2nd A. Doherty  3rd J. Villanueva

2nd Stanley LeBlanc  3rd Aaron Loef

2nd Elio Valverde  3rd Mike Dezda




Boy's & Girls 9 to 10 Int. Adv kumite

Boy's 16 to 17 Advanced Kata

7 to 10 Boy's Girl's Advanced Kata

Champion Roman Leon

Champion Jeremy Villanueva

Champion Jorge Hemenez

2nd Jorge  3rd Whitney Richards & I. Fungqee

2nd L. Powell  3rd A. Doherty

2nd Roman Leon  3rd Ian Fungqee




7 to 8 Boy's  & Girl's Beginners kumite

11 to 12 Boy's Girl's Int. Adv. Kata

7 to 10 Boy's Girl's Beginners Kata

Champion Rasheed Dickens

Champion Kevin Rivera

Champion Senator Gregory

2nd Senator Gregory  3rd Johnathan

2nd E. Braver  3rd C. McGinn

2nd Rasheed Dickens  3rd KamilWalizek




Boy's Girl's Under 7 Kumite

Boy's Girl's Under 7 Kata

Champion Cisco Garcia

Champion Cisco Garcia

2nd Monica Senator  3rd K. Pena & C. Vasile

2nd Connor Vasile 3rd Monica Senator